In 2004, the NACA Board of Directors made a decision to explore a regional wastewater treatment facility that would be initially designed to provide service for the member cities of Bentonville and Tontitown, with other member cities joining the facility as their needs dictate. An engineering firm was hired for a plant site evaluation. In 2006, preliminary design began for a $65 million facility with “traditional” effluent discharge limits. In 2009, regulators unexpectedly imposed a stringent phosphorus limit, causing NACA to change design quickly to remain on schedule. In November, 2010, the regional facility opened and was $10 million under the original budget, despite the costs of the significantly lower phosphorus discharge limit.

The facility, located on 479 acres, is designed to operate at a maximum 3.6 mgd maximum daily flow. This state-of-the art facility meets the most stringent requirements imposed by EPA Region 6 and includes two-stage Dynasand Filters, ultraviolet light disinfection (rather than traditional use of chlorine), “post-aeration” with pure oxygen to further protect the waters of the Little Osage Creek, and a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) control system. The NACA facility is one of the largest installations in the country utilizing the Dynasand filtration. The facility is operated with a staff of only four, further proof of its highly computerized processes.

Three expansions of the facility are pre-engineered, with the first scheduled to begin in 2015. Ultimate build-out will treat 80 mgd for a population of approximately 1,000,000.

The NACA Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility is located at 11579 Snavely Road.

Visitors are welcome with advance notice. Tours are available for individuals, school and other groups.

Below is an aerial view of the Regional Water Treatment Facility. To view photographs of the construction history CLICK HERE.

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The regional treatment site is located on Snavely Road two miles south of the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport